About Us

Welcome to Information Business Systems. IBS is an I.T. group, specializing in Technology solutions. We understand technology and we understand business, this does NOT mean that we can show you how to run your business. Each business is unique and YOU know how to run your business. What we can do is pinpoint where your bottlenecks are, utilize your current infrastructure and get maximum benefit out of it.

Most businesses are only using a fraction of the infrastructure they have in place. The main reason customers give “Well, this is how we always did it…” and purchasing new equipment, is NOT always the way to correct the situation. IBS first breaks down your business into processes and then analyzes where the issues are. We can then provide solutions to make these procedures more efficient.

IBS is also not a “come in, fix and leave” type of service. We build a relationship with our customers. Our goal is to help you reach the level of success that you desire. When are customers succeed, we succeed….

We are here for businesses that are looking to reach the next level of success.